• Information to Passengers

    Your travel is very important to us. Therefore to make your travel hassle free please be familiarized with following travel tips:

    1. Pack lightly.

    2. Keep your Identification card handy.

    3. Do not put valuable items in checked in baggage.

    4. Do not carry guns, knives, sharp object in your baggage.

    5. Do not carry kerosene oil and flammable objects with you.

    Package Specification

    1. The containers used to carry items must be made of strong materials and must be able to withstand normal condition of air transport and handling

    2. The mouth or opening of the containers must be closed properly to prevent spillage and leakage of the contents.

    3. In order to provide extra care, the containers should be placed inside a good polyethylene bags and their open end should be properly tied in order to prevent or minimize spillage on the aircraft floor as such bags will help to contain the leakage at greater extent.

    4. The containers must be always loaded, unloaded and stowed in an upright position b proper means of securement in order to prevent orientation of package which may lead to spillage/leakage of the contents.

    5. Containers like jerry cans, bottles, jars etc. made of plastic or metal having strong, air tight and leak proof closures can be used to carry such items instead of those made from brittle materials like glass and such other materials.

    Acceptance and Handling Procedures

    1. The containers should be made of strong material and closures are tight enough to prevent leakage of the contents during transport.

    2. The containers should be inspected properly to ensure that they are properly prepared and the chances of spillage of the contents outside the containers are none.

    3. The containers should be free from any indication of damage, leakage or spillage

    4. Once accepted, care should be taken to handle it properly. That is, the container must be carried, loaded and unloaded gently to prevent damage or breakage which may lead to leakage/spillage of the contents.

    5. It is recommended that the operator may accept such articles not exceeding 5 kg or 5 liter per passenger.

    Security Guidelines to Passengers

    Safety and security of our passengers are always top priority. All departing passengers are subject to security screening prior to boarding aircraft.

    Simrik Airlines reminds passengers that sharp items, such as nail clippers, scissors, pocket knives and metal nail files, should not be packed in carry-on luggage. Please ensure any items of this kind are packed in your checked luggage. Detection of these items at screening points will require you to surrender them to be destroyed.

    Please ensure you do not carry any flammable liquids, gases, or other dangerous goods with you or in your bags. Those items will also be removed by security staff when detected.

    Laptop computers must be removed from bags at the security point and screened separately. Electronic equipment will not be damaged by x-ray screening.

    Please contact our airport duty officer for further information about what can and cannot be taken on board, either in carry-on luggage or in your checked baggage.

    Entering into the airport for departure:

    The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has thorough screenings at the main security checkpoints of all airports. Anyone passing through a security checkpoint will be required to have a tickets issued by Simrik Airlines or by travel agencies.
    If you just have a PNR for your ticket please contact our customer service window to receive the print out of your travelling ticket(s) and proceed to the security check points.

    Procedures for Unattended Baggage:

    All baggage should be clearly tagged with your contact details. Baggage must never be left unattended in public areas. All such baggage will be treated as suspicious and reported to Civil Aviation Office/Airport Security Police.
    If you see an unattended package or bag in the terminal, report it to the airport security staff or other airport authority.

    Procedures for Left Baggage:

    Simrik Airlines treats all left baggage as unattended baggage, therefore it shall be treated as same.

    Procedures for Unclaimed Baggage:

    Passenger when fail to claim the baggage after the completion of flight at destination, then those baggage are kept in the airport office for its claim.

    Unclaimed baggage at the departure point are not boarded in the flight.

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