Guna Airlines

Verified to Fly

Verified to Fly

When you are a Guna Rewards frequent flyer program member, you can qualify for the Verified to Fly status. You can check-in at the airport with confidence knowing that you’ve met all essential COVID-19 requirements long before your flight including the mandatory vaccination card rule. When you’ve been Verified to Fly, you can head straight to our Express Lane fast track for a quicker and simpler check-in.

How does it work?

You will upload your identification card, vaccination status, and covid test results (if available) until three hours before your flight.

As long as your COVID-19 documents are in order, you’ll be Verified to Fly, subject to presenting a valid identification at the airport.

If you have not been Verified to Fly in time for your flight, please make your way to the airport as usual. Our team will be happy to review your documents at check-in.

You can check your Verified to Fly status at any time at Manage my booking. If your flight is delayed or cancelled, or there is a last-minute change in requirements, your Verified to Fly status may change.