Guna Airlines

Special Assistance

Airport Assistance

If you have baggage difficulties or require special assistance at the airport terminal, please inform our Airport Customer Service at +977 9802033472 (Duty Officer). We officer special luggage and airport assistance to the elderly, mothers with children, mothers to be, and the physically challenged. Our staff will be happy to help you and this service is free with compliments of Guna Airlines.

Equipment for Passengers with Reduced Mobility

We strive to make the travelling experience as comfortable as possible for all of our passengers. Some passengers have more difficulty than others in moving between the check-in areas and the aircraft, so we have designed a range of services for passengers in need of assistance. If you have reduced mobility please contact the Guna Airlines Customer Services at +977 9802033472 to arrange any kind of special services that you may require.

Our attentive and caring staff will offer assistance before and after the flight as follows:


For passengers who can ascend and descend steps and make their own way to and from the cabin seat but require wheelchair assistance to cover long distances;

For passengers who cannot ascend and descend steps (require carrying), but are able to make their own way to and from the cabin seat (these passengers also require a wheelchair to cover long distances);

For passengers who are completely immobile and require a wheelchair to and from the aircraft (who must be carried up and down steps, and to and from their cabin seat). For such service, please inform us 24  hours before commencement of flight to prepare our ground staff to assist.

If you have your own wheelchair:

We can carry wheelchairs of any type as a checked-in baggage only. Carriage of wheelchairs is free of charge and does not affect the free baggage allowance. We are always delighted to accommodate these requests when the aircraft has space in the hold.


At this time Guna Airlines in unable to accept passengers who can be only be transported on a stretcher. You are encouraged to book our Guna Mediflite air ambulance service for passengers required stretcher transportation. Our team of specialists will assist you in every way to reach your next destination safely as possible. You can know more about our Mediflite here.


All our aircrafts are pressurized and hence our cabins do not pose a threat to expectant mothers and their babies, however restrictions on customers during full-term pregnancy apply. We have categorized it below for easy understanding.

Uncomplicated Single/Multiple Pregnancy: Including and between 29th-36th week require a Fit-to-Fly from the treating gynecologist. Gynecologist/obstetrician’s certificate should confirm week of pregnancy, expected date of delivery and absence of complications.

36th week onwards:   Travel on Guna Airlines is restricted

Complicated Pregnancy (Single/Multiple): Including and between 29th-32nd week require clearance from Guna Airlines Safety Department (Safety Department Phone: +977 9802073030). Please contact the Safety Department 48 hours before flight. The passenger is also required to complete the MEDIF form and the Letter of Indemnity – Pregnant Passenger.

In such cases, the passenger needs to be accompanied by at least one adult companion or doctor.

32nd week onwards: Travel on Guna Airlines is restricted

LETTER OF INDEMNITY – PREGNANT PASSENGER (download pre-boarding form here)

Traveling with a medical condition

Guna Airlines welcomes passengers with medical conditions for travel on its aircrafts. However, we are also concerned about the effect of air travel on certain patients. While we cannot assert the factors that may affect the passenger during our flights, each case will be considered on its own merit. Certain cases such as below require a clearance from a medical doctor before boarding. Please check with our ticketing office if you or your passenger has any medical condition.  Certain guidelines are listed below:


Customers with conditions that are likely to deteriorate during a flight or may aggravate and pose a safety/security risk to self/others require special clearance as per standard aviation regulations.

For medical clearance, customers are required to fill a MEDIF form (MEDIF FORM) as per detailed instructions mentioned therein and submit the same to [email protected]

Medical clearance timeline:

Minimum time for medical clearance application is 24 hours before the date of travel; from the time MEDIF form complete in all aspects is received. In case incompletely filled form is received, then 48 hours will be from the time complete MEDIF form is received. We recommend that you plan your travel with due consideration to minimum time required for medical clearance.

Medical Clearance to fly is generally required in the following cases:

  • Customer suffers from any disease, which is believed to be actively contagious and communicable.
  • Customer, because of certain diseases, or incapacitation may have or develop an adverse physical condition which could have an adverse effect during flight and on safety and emergency evacuation procedures like a customer’s fitness to travel is in doubt as a result of recent illness, hospitalization, injury or surgery and there is reasonable doubt that they can complete the flight safely without requiring extraordinary medical assistance during the flight e.g. breathing difficulties, unstable angina, terminal illness etc.
  • Customer would require medical attention and/or special equipment to maintain their health during the flight.
  • Needs medical oxygen during the flight
  • Complicated (single/multiple) pregnancy cases between 29-32 weeks
  • For infants if the new-born suffers from serious illness which may be covered in abovementioned points.

Medical Clearance to fly is not required for the following cases:

  • Passengers requesting for wheelchair due to old age, arthritis, post-poliomyelitis, muscle weakness condition, certain disability or joint sprain etc. in the absence of any other significant medical condition or illness.
  • Hearing, speech and visual disabilities and difficulties.
  • Guests with chronic, stable, controlled disorders like Diabetes, Thyroid conditions Hypertension etc.
  • FAA approved Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) and Respiratory Assist Devices (like BiPAP, CPAP etc for sleep apnoea and other conditions) provided the medical conditions it is used for, are stable and there has been no recent hospital admission, deterioration etc in the same.
  • Passengers with limbs in a cast with or without wheelchair assistance.

Note for Passengers with Medical Condition:

  • Cabin crew are not authorized to give special sanitary assistance to any particular customer. Additionally, they are trained only in providing basic first aid and are not permitted to administer any injections, give medication from medical kit or advanced medical treatment/procedures.
  • As a safety regulatory requirement, feet/lower limbs should not be extended towards the aisle or on adjoining seat/seats. If it is not possible, then the passenger will be subject to boarding on special request and arrangement made with permission from Captain of the flight.
  • Passenger should be able to travel while utilizing normal aircraft seat with seat back upright and knees bent.
  • In rare cases if the medical condition of the passenger suddenly/unpredictably deteriorates at the time of boarding (despite obtaining MEDIF clearance in advance) then boarding may be denied and will cause offloading of the passenger for further assessment and treatment at airport medical centre, in the interest of health and safety of the passsenger. Boarding may also be denied in case it becomes apparent that customer cannot be seated in the normal upright and knees bent position (due to any reason). Prior MEDIF clearance does not guarantee carriage if the condition of the guest has deteriorated after clearance has been obtained. It will be the responsibility of the passenger or their attendants/family to inform the airline, in case of change or deterioration of medical condition after obtaining MEDIF clearance.