Guna Airlines

Weather Advisory

Weather Advisory and Delays

At times, we have to make certain changes that may affect your flight. The reasons for such changes may be different: technical, ATC delays, air traffic congestions, weather conditions, force majeure, etc., and, as a result, we are forced to change, date/time of the flight or even cancel the flight. As these things happen, we would like to ensure you that we do our best to inform you of the changes as soon as possible and book you on another flight.

Our ground staff are doing their best to make sure there is a minimum discomfort to our passengers who have been affected due to the rescheduling of flights. Safety of our passengers and crew is of utmost importance and all decisions are taken to ensure the same at any given time.

We send notifications about changes via phone call, text messages and/or email using the contact information inserted in the bookings. Timeframes of the notifications may vary depending on when the changes occur.

Please help us to ensure you are well informed of the changes by:

  1. Providing us with your active phone number and email address when booking your ticket via our Call Center, ticketing offices or travel agents. When making a booking on our website, please double check your contact details to avoid any typos.
  2. Making sure you have continuous access to your inbox and checking SMS and email notifications coming from Guna Airlines.